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I’m an art collector. I guess that would be the easiest way to blanket explain my many hobbies. There is plenty of discussion about whether a thing is art or not. The trouble with this is it makes ART a medal you hang on the things you like. It’s fine to have such a thing. Such medals are important to help us sort through the pile of stuff vying for out interest. This creates the need for taste makers (or as @howardtayler recently put it signal boosters) or more classically, critics. But the critic’s job isn’t to tell people whether a given thing is art or not. It is their job to tell us whether it is good art. You see making the word art mean whether something is good or not moves it a slot up in the language and leaves a void where art used to be. Once we make “art” the medal that we hang on . . . pieces, things, stuff . . . we then have to struggle to find a word to fill that void. So know that when I say art I use it in the broadest sense.

Anyway, yesterday I was long overdue to go grocery shopping. I had been down to ramen noodles and costco chilli. It was also my birthday so I was in the mood for something fun. I’m very impulsive (just part of the whole ADD thing) and so largely everything I wanted I already owned. I’m also suffering from a bulk of stuff at the moment and I’m trying to reduce. Still something fun and new is what a birthday is for, so I had to look a little while. I was also a little low on cash because of the Girl Genius kickstarter. (I’ll do more on kickstarter in general another day.)


That is where this set caught my eye. I have a lot of Legos. I really should start a Lego photo comic just for fun. My large amount of legos can sometimes lessen my desire to buy more. Plus sometimes Legos can be expensive, and the cheaper sets can sometimes seem a little spare. This one was $12 and it was a fantastic deal because it is a great set. First off you get SuperMan and Zod. Usually these sets have a major character paired with a grunt, often a nameless grunt. You usually have to buy the big, major battle, 50–100 dollar set to get the major villain in a property. Second it comes with a sweet car. I think this is my favorite Lego car since the Knight Bus from Harry Potter. I think this car is going to get the honor of not being dismantled and sorted. (Which I do with most of my sets.) Zod has taste.


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Boom Schlock-a-locka

Word of the Day: Repudiate.

One of the many things I’m planning to do here is review all sorts of junk. And by junk I mean anything worthy of my attention. First on this list, which is in random order, is Schlock Mercenary. This webcomic tells the story of a mercenary named Schlock. (Hey, I think I finally understand the title, just kidding.) Have you ever heard of hard sci-fi comedy? Impossible many say, well to those people I say, “if the word impossible is in your common vocabulary you probably don’t like sci-fi anyway.” (To a true scientist nothing is impossible, even if improbable, but there are graduated values of really hard.)

The story follows a band of mercenaries as they try to get paid and survive long enough to spend it. Meanwhile at the galactic core, and other places, sinister things happen and huge plots occur. But the focus is mainly on Tagon’s Toughs hurting people and breaking things to get paid as much and as many times as they can get away with. It’s epic and hilarious with a side of heart. (Which you can’t eat with a fork in your eye, get reading to figure that one out.)

Howard Tayler has been updating Schlock Mercenary everyday since June 12 2000. So there are now nearly ten years of deep archive to read. I say just jump on in and start reading from the beginning. Doing it that way you get to watch the art improve. Plus you get one heck of a story told in the right way.

The way I made it through the archives (which is responsible my low grades that semester) was I read strip after strip till my eyes started bleeding (exaggeration, they were just a little red from having read too much) and then I copied the url of the strip I ended on and emailed it to myself. You weren’t doing anything with all your time anyway.

Right now we are in the middle of the most ambitious Schlock book yet. Book 11: A Family Anti-Matter (book 10 has been my favorite so far.)

So anyway just jump in and beware the dark matter entities (DaMEs) or you may find yourself staring at what you think is someone else’s foot.

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