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Okay, so sometimes my brain just refuses to write things that other people tell me to. This is the main reason I’m so tired of school. The hard assignments I can do. They are fun and exciting. The easy ones, writing a one page review of any documentary when I’ve watched three in the past few days should be easy, are so hard because it’s too easy. It’s kinda like that guy in the bible who has leprosy and he asks the prophet how to heal it. The prophet says, “Take a bath in that river over there.” and He’s like, “No, I want something hard like climbing a mountain carrying three purple goats.” Then the prophet says, “Oh so it’s too easy for you?” and the guy is like, “Yeah, it should be something difficult.” The the prophet says, “Okay take the hard way then, which is dying from leprosy.” Long story short the guy went and bathed in the river and was cured. The moral of the horribly paraphrased story is that I really shouldn’t chain sleep deprivation with blog posting/bible quoting. Anyway when my brain is in rebellion mode it wants to write really weird things. So here is a story I wrote that is almost as much words as the easy ones I should have written so I can go back to sleep.

By Vernon Ray Jackson

That homeless person you passed on the street is actually really nice once you get to know them and give them a bunch of money.

That girl who wears the same outfit everyday so people think she’s poor actually has OCD and more money than you’ll see in a lifetime.

That boy who is picked last for every sport actually is a great athlete, he’s just lazy.

The cheerleader who everyone thinks is the most popular is actually very lonely because her family moved away without her.

The boy you wave hello to everyday but don’t know his name actually knows your name, and phone number, and address, and passwords.

That girl being bullied for having pigtails actually has a few extra vertebrae coming out of the end of her spine.

The boy you don’t want to talk to because he can’t speak English very well actually speaks perfect English he just thinks you’re a jerk.

The girl you said had a dumb lunchbox actually had a dumb lunchbox but she was carrying it ironically so it’s okay.

The quiet kid in the back of the class was once a loud kid, till they silenced him for good.

The girl nobody talks to isn’t actually there, you are hallucinating.

That boy you think is a drug dealer is actually diabetic, he just tells customers that the insulin is heroin.

That kid who gets picked on for being the shortest will grow up to be the world’s tallest man, if his plan works anyway.

The girl you stood up on that date was actually a demon planning on a good game of Monopoly.

That boy who threw up on the bus and you told him you never wanted to sit next to him again, he was actually a soviet spy trying to steal secrets from your scientist father.

The girl you teased because you have a secret crush on her had killed three people and would kill four more before dying in a five hour gunfight with police.

That boy you made fun of for having weird skin was actually an alien trying to destroy the world.

That person you see in the mirror isn’t actually you, it is the creature you stole this body from.


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