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Word of the day: Shoot.

Long Story Short: A guy who likes to shoot gets to shoot monsters.

One of the all time great opening lines. The language is rough, this was Larry’s first published book. I recommend people start with either Hard Magic or Son of the Black Sword if you want to see what Larry Correia is all about. But really, you read Correia for the action. Some of the best action scenes I’ve read. This is really heavy in gun terminology I hear that he backs off on that in the later books as he is aiming for a wider audience. (Scatter damage is better against

I read this in the Monster Hunters Omnibus so I didn’t know when the end was coming. As things were ratcheting up near the end I kept finding myself going, “Okay, this is it he can’t get bigger than this.” and kept being wrong. I’m not sure if I can recommend this because the book is heavy, it makes it harder to smuggle into work.

There is a slight language advisory, Larry swears like a dairy farmer, but there isn’t too much in this book. (Although it was more than his other worlds.)

Last Word: Pitt.


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Well 2016 sure was something. Personally it has been pretty good. Being out of school has allowed me to think my own thoughts. Having a vacation from work has allowed me to examine my goals and priorities. I’ve been writing far more often. My midsingles ward feels like home and people know I exist.
The prevailing meme these last few months has been 2016 worst year. Yeah, there was a lot of awfulness.

Infighting among our super heroes.
We have lost so many real life legends.
I have lost friends and family.
Our two party system asked us to choose between the worst candidates.
Wars and terrorism burned daily across the planet.

The world have never been safe. 2016 was no different. People will do what we’ve always done, roll with the punches and pick up the pieces. The British “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters have been made fun of so much, but it is a much better policy than “Panic and Fall Apart.”

Heroes are redeemed, that’s how stories work.
There will always be room for new legends, we need to work to be them.
Making new friends doesn’t dishonor the old ones. Loving the family we still have doesn’t desert those not with us.
As always we need to oppose or support our elected officials at every turn. We still have a constitution.
I don’t know how to salve the world’s suffering.

The world is turning still, the sun still burns. We are moving forward whether it seems that way or not. We can make our worlds better. Complaining doesn’t save the world. Facebook isn’t a clear picture of it. You will find what you are looking for. If you look for the negative, it is there. The positive is also there. As for resolutions:



So that’s a relief. My resolution was broken minutes into 2017. Actually I usually try to write 100 goals. They have to be crossoffable and are often books I want to read or artistic endeavors I want to work on. I usually don’t reach 100 and forget about it but still it is good to plan. Right now I’m sitting at 47. This year I’m going to keep those in the back of my notebook that I carry with me everywhere. If I fill that notebook then I’ll transfer the goals to the new notebook.
Another technique I have picked up is a weekly goal journal. You list three goals. The goals have to be measurable. Measurable is like: get to sleep by ten, write three blog posts, don’t eat ramen for every meal. Unmeasurable is like: be happy, exercise more(unless you track your exercise), be less vague. Every morning you look in the journal to remind yourself of your goals. Then every night you review your goals and write out how you did. The important thing with this goal journal is it not be an overlord. If you didn’t work on a particular goal that day just write that, no biggie.
Renewal is important. It prevents late fees and gives more breathing room. The important thing to remember is that if the rules you impose on yourself are hurting you you can break them.

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I’ve been mulling over the question of whether Mormons are Christians lately. Nothing really sparked it, just all part of my random access memory. I’ve read and been present for plenty of arguments about it. Some of these were between scholars, church officials, laypeople and even full on trolls. They all tend to end in a sort of, “We’ll see.” The mistake many of these arguments fall into is zooming in on details if the proverb is to be believed then that’s where the devil is. When two people are looking at each other to prove whether they are the same or not the closer they get the more they find different. I wonder if all the Christians in the twenty centuries, and beyond as far back in time as it goes, lined up and compared beliefs how much similarity there would be?

I don’t intend to change that with this argument, but here is where my understanding is right now:

Is there an unforgivable sin? Many preachers of Christ will say no, you can’t sin beyond Christ’s forgiveness. I agree, all of my study and personal revelation tells me this. Christ forgives sin categorically and personally. But then how are people damned? It is because they don’t accept that forgiveness. They refuse the gift. Christ will not force it on them because Heaven cannot be a prison. So the sin isn’t unforgiven but it is unforgivable because the person will not take the forgiveness and set it in the place the sin used to be.

Given that definition, I ask how do Mormons not accept the forgiveness of Christ? I know there are answers to that. 
There are some who say that we act like we can earn it ourselves as if it is our effort alone that will save us. All I can answer to that is that we believe faith is a verb not an emotion. Picture two players on a basketball team. They both say they have faith in their coach. The first one at a pivotal moment when the coach tells them to pass shoots. The second, when the coach yells pass they pass. Which of these have faith? No, I don’t believe discipleship is a rejection of forgiveness or an attempt to supplant the grace of Christ. Anyone who thinks they can achieve exaltation by their own effort is building a tower of Babel and have greatly underestimated the distance to Heaven. The only difference between the worker who started earlier in the day than later is they had a better day.
There are those who object to our view of God which admittedly is different than other branches of Christianity. Would the god who forgave those who tortured and executed him, who innocently suffered for the world’s sins and still forgave, damn people for having an imperfect understanding of him? Even if we are totally wrong about that is that enough to disqualify us from the eternal grace of God? Is there a threshold of understanding of Christ that one must reach before their prayers are heard? Picture yourself standing before Christ, nevermind how you got there, and he isn’t exactly how you thought he’d be, does that make you an unbeliever? Does that make you reject him? And what if someone you were sure wasn’t going to be there was standing right next to you?

I care less where we get sorted in the catalogues and censuses of the world than where we get sorted at the judgment bar of God. I can’t say for certain how it will work out for everyone. I do believe it will have more to do with each person’s personal relationship to God than what box they checked on the survey. I do believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints is the true church. I believe that God still talks to the world through his prophets and that He still talks to his children through the Holy Spirit. I believe that God has laid down a plan of happiness and happiness can be found by following it. I believe that there is no name or path to salvation that isn’t Jesus Christ.

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Okay, so sometimes my brain just refuses to write things that other people tell me to. This is the main reason I’m so tired of school. The hard assignments I can do. They are fun and exciting. The easy ones, writing a one page review of any documentary when I’ve watched three in the past few days should be easy, are so hard because it’s too easy. It’s kinda like that guy in the bible who has leprosy and he asks the prophet how to heal it. The prophet says, “Take a bath in that river over there.” and He’s like, “No, I want something hard like climbing a mountain carrying three purple goats.” Then the prophet says, “Oh so it’s too easy for you?” and the guy is like, “Yeah, it should be something difficult.” The the prophet says, “Okay take the hard way then, which is dying from leprosy.” Long story short the guy went and bathed in the river and was cured. The moral of the horribly paraphrased story is that I really shouldn’t chain sleep deprivation with blog posting/bible quoting. Anyway when my brain is in rebellion mode it wants to write really weird things. So here is a story I wrote that is almost as much words as the easy ones I should have written so I can go back to sleep.

By Vernon Ray Jackson

That homeless person you passed on the street is actually really nice once you get to know them and give them a bunch of money.

That girl who wears the same outfit everyday so people think she’s poor actually has OCD and more money than you’ll see in a lifetime.

That boy who is picked last for every sport actually is a great athlete, he’s just lazy.

The cheerleader who everyone thinks is the most popular is actually very lonely because her family moved away without her.

The boy you wave hello to everyday but don’t know his name actually knows your name, and phone number, and address, and passwords.

That girl being bullied for having pigtails actually has a few extra vertebrae coming out of the end of her spine.

The boy you don’t want to talk to because he can’t speak English very well actually speaks perfect English he just thinks you’re a jerk.

The girl you said had a dumb lunchbox actually had a dumb lunchbox but she was carrying it ironically so it’s okay.

The quiet kid in the back of the class was once a loud kid, till they silenced him for good.

The girl nobody talks to isn’t actually there, you are hallucinating.

That boy you think is a drug dealer is actually diabetic, he just tells customers that the insulin is heroin.

That kid who gets picked on for being the shortest will grow up to be the world’s tallest man, if his plan works anyway.

The girl you stood up on that date was actually a demon planning on a good game of Monopoly.

That boy who threw up on the bus and you told him you never wanted to sit next to him again, he was actually a soviet spy trying to steal secrets from your scientist father.

The girl you teased because you have a secret crush on her had killed three people and would kill four more before dying in a five hour gunfight with police.

That boy you made fun of for having weird skin was actually an alien trying to destroy the world.

That person you see in the mirror isn’t actually you, it is the creature you stole this body from.

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With Art

by Vernon Ray Jackson


Approach it first with new eyes.

As a virgin, paying sharp attention

without full understanding.

Take in each new detail

and be honest in your reaction.

Take what you have already

and mix it with the new intelligence.

Acknowledge that that you miss much

and misunderstand more.


Initiated, approach again.

Use your new understanding

to sense what you could not before.

Honor your previous view

even if you dispute it.

Look deeper than you could before,

notice its spirit.

By now you realize that there is still more

that you can’t yet access.


Once a connoisseur approach again.

Resist the urge to tear at the flaws

you’ve been trained to spot.

Forgive them, and your past self.

Your purpose isn’t to destroy.

It is embodied for you now.

Teach others how to know its layers.


Finally approach it as an artist.

Abandon understanding for utility,

enjoyment for growth.

See it at the level of its creator.

Be its creator yourself.

Take what lessons it has for you

and discard those not for you.

Don’t spend any more time

with it than serves you.

Art decays and must be constantly remade.

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This is a response to Emily Dickinson’s poem # 411. Seriously go read Emily so she can haunt you.

They told me that white was the combination of all colors. I mixed all my paints and they turned black. They explained that the pigments are not the colors, color is made of light, the pigments absorb most of the colors and only reflect some of the spectrum. When all the pigments are stacked together the cumulative effect of the absorption overpowers the reflection. Black and white are both expressions of all color.

Color, then, isn’t made of light but it imperfectly reflected light. It needs the physical pigment to break up that wave pretending it’s a particle. Without something to reflect and refract it the light doesn’t make color. Even without the light the aspect that makes a pigment work is still there. The color is still there in the light waiting to be broken up. Like electricity, there is a positive and a negative, and nothing happens unless both are present. If it is color waiting in the light is it not color waiting in the pigment as well?

The Outer Grave is green and deep as a yellow-in-a-ring-of-white daisy. The outer Grave is white until furrowed out by the yellow-in-a-ring-of-light sun. The grave within, the one duplicated by the outer grave is beyond the reach of light. But according to Emily there is still color. All my life I’ve looked for color in the darkness. And Emily tells me it’s there, and that I’ve seen it when my eyes were covered (Bonnet bound) but my brain Ferret just can’t remember it. That’s pretty infuriating.

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Tips for Cosplayers from a man who has never done it.

I just got back from Salt Lake Comic Con 2013, and I have plenty to say about it but I’m still collecting my thoughts/recovering from my congover. There was some really impressive cosplay going on there. As an outsider I noticed things. Alas I can’t find my card reader or this post would be full of pictures of said cosplays.

I probably never will cosplay. To me it seems like one of those things that I think I’m going to enjoy but when the moment comes I realize I really don’t. Kinda like dancing. Whenever I was at a dance, sitting on the sidelines thinking it might be fun, I would go out and try it and I would suddenly be surrounded by dementors. Having no EXPECTO PATRONUM at my disposal I had no choice but to flee. If I ever did cosplay I’d do it really subtly, so you wouldn’t even notice, which kinda defeats the purpose to begin with.

Anyways, here is my tips:

1. It’s all about attitude: I saw a thousand Doctors pretty evenly distributed between Tennant and Smith. There were a handful of Bakers and one wonderful Troughton. It wasn’t uncommon at all for a person wanting a picture with the Doctor to hand their camera to another person dressed as the exact same Doctor. You could read the look on the face of the Doctor holding the camera, it said, “What’s wrong with my costume?” The difference was that the better one had mastered the bright eyes and open half-smile of Tennant. Looking the part is only half the battle, you also have to act the part.

2. Be prepared to hear the same thing a million times: I found Waldo. I really did. I found so many Waldos and they all were miserable. Everyone felt the need to announce to all the world that they had found Waldo. Instead of, “Hey, nice costume.” all they got was, “Hey, I found Waldo.” I’ve heard that Gary Coleman had in his contracts that anytime someone said, “What you talkin’ ‘bout?” to him on a set the company had to pay him a hefty fine. He was just so sick of hearing it. Ask yourself how willing you are to hear your character’s catch phrase(s) a brazilian times.

3. Do a dress rehearsal: Put your costume on completely and wear it all day. See how it feels after a couple of hours. Attaching a chainsaw to your arm seems like a great idea till you have to carry it around forever. Those shoes look perfect for the costume but are they comfortable?

4. Develop a sense for your artificial extremities: Wings are impressive and difficult. I saw plenty of Weeping Angels lose their wings to the crowd and doorframes. They must become an extension of your body in the same way a sword or your car does. You know how you can feel the road beneath you as you drive? This is a fantastic

5. Get a handler: Someone not dressed up to help you get through the crowds, to take the pictures, to alert you when you are about to walk into a wall because you can’t see squat. This person is also good for keeping your above-mentioned extremities from being eaten by the mass of humanity. Also, you owe this person dinner at the very least.
6. If you are going to be SpiderMan carry a rope so the picture taker can hold it and you can get a really great web-action shot. Okay, that one isn’t very universal so perhaps let’s say practice some really great poses. Think of how the camera sees you.

That’s all I can think of but I’m sure there’s something else. Remember this is from an outsider who has no interest in actually doing it myself. Just some observations.

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