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Word of the day: Khannnn

This summer I took a poetry class. I managed to pull a couple ones out that I’m happy with. I’ve been saving them for times like this when I feel the need to post but don’t really have anything to talk about. (Implying of course that I ever have anything to talk about.) So here it is, perhaps I’ll post some of the other Victor Science Theatres later. Enjoy.


Victor Science Theatre #1010: Victor Takes a Break to Write a Poem
By Vernon Ray Jackson

The window made of four-fold glass could break
if Victor wanted it to, Victor knew.
He wins. That’s what he does. They named him so.
To lose would make his parents liars. A shame
to not be lived down. “Immortality
would get old, because you don’t,” Victor said.

He learned to wisely choose his desires
for with a whim he changed the world and set
its spin all new. As Victor stands upon
that wall and tries to do what’s right he fails.




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