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Well 2016 sure was something. Personally it has been pretty good. Being out of school has allowed me to think my own thoughts. Having a vacation from work has allowed me to examine my goals and priorities. I’ve been writing far more often. My midsingles ward feels like home and people know I exist.
The prevailing meme these last few months has been 2016 worst year. Yeah, there was a lot of awfulness.

Infighting among our super heroes.
We have lost so many real life legends.
I have lost friends and family.
Our two party system asked us to choose between the worst candidates.
Wars and terrorism burned daily across the planet.

The world have never been safe. 2016 was no different. People will do what we’ve always done, roll with the punches and pick up the pieces. The British “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters have been made fun of so much, but it is a much better policy than “Panic and Fall Apart.”

Heroes are redeemed, that’s how stories work.
There will always be room for new legends, we need to work to be them.
Making new friends doesn’t dishonor the old ones. Loving the family we still have doesn’t desert those not with us.
As always we need to oppose or support our elected officials at every turn. We still have a constitution.
I don’t know how to salve the world’s suffering.

The world is turning still, the sun still burns. We are moving forward whether it seems that way or not. We can make our worlds better. Complaining doesn’t save the world. Facebook isn’t a clear picture of it. You will find what you are looking for. If you look for the negative, it is there. The positive is also there. As for resolutions:



So that’s a relief. My resolution was broken minutes into 2017. Actually I usually try to write 100 goals. They have to be crossoffable and are often books I want to read or artistic endeavors I want to work on. I usually don’t reach 100 and forget about it but still it is good to plan. Right now I’m sitting at 47. This year I’m going to keep those in the back of my notebook that I carry with me everywhere. If I fill that notebook then I’ll transfer the goals to the new notebook.
Another technique I have picked up is a weekly goal journal. You list three goals. The goals have to be measurable. Measurable is like: get to sleep by ten, write three blog posts, don’t eat ramen for every meal. Unmeasurable is like: be happy, exercise more(unless you track your exercise), be less vague. Every morning you look in the journal to remind yourself of your goals. Then every night you review your goals and write out how you did. The important thing with this goal journal is it not be an overlord. If you didn’t work on a particular goal that day just write that, no biggie.
Renewal is important. It prevents late fees and gives more breathing room. The important thing to remember is that if the rules you impose on yourself are hurting you you can break them.


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